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Job production and small to medium series of core-intensive products!

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Welcome to Focast Lüneburg!

Since its founding in 1840, generations of founders have developed world-renowned expertise in the manufacture of complex castings.
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Our core expertise

FOCAST Lüneburg is specialized in casting small series of products in the range of a few kg up to 6 ton. We have 3 moulding lines:

  • semi-automatic line: from a few kg to 150 kg
  • semi-automatic line: from 100 to 350 kg
  • hand moulding: up to 6 000 kg

The batch size can range from 1 to 200 pieces.
For larger batch sizes, our sister companies Focast Saint-Dizier (up to 400 kg) and Luitpoldhütte (up to 900 kg) are better equipped.



  • Classification: ABS, AD-2000, BV, DNV and Lloyds

  • Quality systems: ISO 9001 and ISO 50001

  • Quality testing: visual inspection, non-destructive testing, destructive testing

  • Tools: Spectrometry, Metallography, Mechanical Tests, Hardness, Ultrasonic test, Penetrant testing, Endoscopy, 3D Scan, Magnetic particle testing